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Gift Cards

The perfect gift for any occasion

Birthday? Graduation? Anniversary? Holiday? Whatever the occasion, a Texan Sky Gift Card is the perfect gift! With a Texan Sky Gift Card, we have a few design options to choose from to suit your gift occasion. You can load any amount you'd like on the card and your recipient can use the card 


  • Load any amount over 25.00 you'd like on the card 
  • Recipient can choose where they want to use the card
  • You can give a gift that is exactly what your recipient wants


  • Gift Cards can be used in stores, online or over the phone; anywhere Visa® is accepted
  • You don't have to go from store to store looking for just the right gift


  • A gift card eliminates the worries of losing a paper gift certificate, check or cash

Texan Sky Gift Cards can be purchased at either of our branches. For questions about gift cards, please call us at 806.935.3333 or stop by one of our branch locations to talk to a member of our team.