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Fraud Protection

Card security is a top priority at Texan Sky.

Texan Sky is helping members protect their cards by providing multiple layers of security. In addition to the team at Texan Sky, TransFund is a national top 10 EFT/ATM network and card processor that provides members with an account watchdog. Download the Texan Sky mobile app and the SecurLOCK app to monitor and control your cards.

If fraud on your account is detected, members will receive a text notification from the Texan Sky Credit Union Fraud Center. The text will read, "FreeMsg: Texan Sky CU Fraud Ctr: 18559293973 Case #XXXXXX Did you attempt $X.XX at [Business Name] with card x0000? Reply YES or NO. Opt Out reply STOP". If a current phone number is not on file an e-mail will be sent. Please do not ignore these messages. Once a reply is received, a representative will call you to discuss the case details and help turn off your card if needed. 

Keep Account Information Up-to-Date

Your account can be updated in person, by phone, or online. It is very important to have your current address, email, and phone number on file. Fraud alerts are sent primarily by text and secondarily via e-mail. We are happy to help you update this information today!


A fraud alert has been issued for all member debit cards:

A large fraud attack where unauthorized charges are being issued under the cover 'Microsoft' has been gaining momentum. Effective immediately, all debit card transactions to Microsoft have been suspended. If you have a recurring payment to Microsoft, please change your form of payment as soon as possible to avoid interruption. Any Texan Sky credit card can be setup as the payment method on your Microsoft account, but debit transactions will be cancelled.

Kroger has also been added to the high fraud rate list. Debit card charges under "Kroger" have been suspended. Changes are to protect members against all fraudulent charges related to these schemes, as the amounts and details vary.